Central Heating

There are main 3 systems. The system you install will be decided by what you want it to do. At Always Plumbing based in St Albans, Hertfordshire will visit your home and listen to your requirements , then suggest various options based on cost, fuel and efficency.To help you choose we have described the 3 systems below.

The Conventional Heating System

The Conventional Heating System is the least efficient as there are heat losses from the boiler and from the pipe work to the cylinder it requires two water tanks located at a height. A Cold Water Storage Tank the other an Expansion / Feed tank, the system also needs a Hot Water Cylinder. The storage cylinder needs a large quantity of hot water and is available immediately, but when this supply is used up it has to be reheated, which takes more time and cost.

System Boiler Heating Systems

You can have 2 types of System boilers in this system, a vented low pressure and an un-vented high pressure system. They both need hot water cylinder. Vented system boilers require a storage tank but you save money on the other components as they are held in the unit itself the benefit is that installation is quick and cheap.

The hot primary water is pumped through the system to the radiators and hot water cylinder resulting in a fast response when you need heat which results in economical running costs. Un-vented system boilers incorporate the equipment that forms a sealed system which includes a pressure relief valve and a pressure gauge, removing the need for a feed and expansion tank.

Combi Boiler Heating Systems

Most Combi's work on mains pressure water, and do not require tanks to be placed in the loft. For this reason Combi's are now the most used form of central heating boilers. They do not require a hot water cylinder as they heat the water instantly as and when it is required. Another plus with the combi is that, due to it running from the mains water supply, you can create an effective power shower without the need for a pump. Combi boilers can save you money due to the amount of plumbing required when fitting them.

Servicing Central Heating

The main part of a central heating system which requires servicing is the boiler Click here to view Boiler servicing.

We hope this has helped to understand the options but if your still not sure contact us today to book your free home visit.

3 reasons to use Always Plumbing

Local Company Serving Local People

Always Plumbing is a local company based in London Colney, St Albans in Hertfordshire with over 30 years experience in the trade, from small jobs to the more complex domestic jobs.

Based in St Albans

The company is based in London Colney St Albans and covers all of Herts, Beds and Bucks as well as London. We have a highly trained team of plumbers and central heating engineers that will make sure your plumbing, boiler or service required is maintained to the highest standard.

All Safe (formerly CORGI) gas engineers

Always Plumbing is your one-call service for all your plumbing and heating needs in your local area, With highly trained plumbers and All Safe (formerly CORGI) gas engineers we will respond quickly to any emergency.

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