At Always Plumbing based in St Albans, Hertfordshire we fit and supply all types of baths. Baths come in a variity of materials and numerous shapes and sizes. Most people change a bath due to fitting a new bathroom, decorating a bathroom or the bath has leaks or looks old. The choice of baths are:

Steel bath
Cast-iron bath
Acryl bath
Hydro massage bath

Steel bath

Steel baths are the cheapest. They also come in many shapes and sizes and with enamel covering many colour to match your bathroom decor which is often the main reason for the choice of such bath.

Cast-iron bath

People choose cast-iron baths because they are durable. Cast-iron is very heavy. Even though modern technologies allow making thin baths, they still weigh about 125 kg. Enamel covering of the cast-iron bath provides various colours with the surface shinier than on the acryl one. Due to the manufacturing process they are restricted in shape and size.

Acryl bath

Acryl baths have recently appeared compared to steel and cast iron, but they are already very popular. Acryl is a plastic, for bath production it is strengthened (reinforced), otherwise it would bent under the water column. Acryl baths can be any shape. The colours are also very different, so you can easily choose an acryl bath with a colour of your choice.

Hydro massage baths

Hydro massage is directed sheets of water, mixed with air. It is based on the system of pump, compressor, sprayers (from 6 and over) and control console. Most hydra massage baths are acryl. If you choose this type of bath with electronic control console, you’ll get additional massage tunings.

3 reasons to use Always Plumbing

Local Company Serving Local People

Always Plumbing is a local company based in London Colney, St Albans in Hertfordshire with over 30 years experience in the trade, from small jobs to the more complex domestic jobs.

Based in St Albans

The company is based in London Colney St Albans and covers all of Herts, Beds and Bucks as well as London. We have a highly trained team of plumbers and central heating engineers that will make sure your plumbing, boiler or service required is maintained to the highest standard.

All Safe (formerly CORGI) gas engineers

Always Plumbing is your one-call service for all your plumbing and heating needs in your local area, With highly trained plumbers and All Safe (formerly CORGI) gas engineers we will respond quickly to any emergency.

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