Water Heaters

Water Heaters Come in many forms. We have listed a selection below.

Single and Multi Point Hot Water Heaters

There are two types of single point heaters.

Instantaneous water heater

Instantaneous water heater is a water heater that heats water as it flows through a heat exchanger coil and the water flows out hot. This system has no cylinder holding hot water and is a very cost effective solution.


Conventional storage water heaters remain the most popular in UK households.They Work by storing water in a single-family storage water heater this provides tank of waterfrom 20 to 90 gallons of hot water. It works by releasing hot water from the top of the tank when you turn on the hot water tap. To replace that hot water, cold water enters the bottom of the tank, which makes sure the tank is always full.

A solar heating system

A solar heating system with efficient 'solar collectors' and matching system components can save you approximately 50 - 60% of your annual energy demands for domestic hot water (DHW), this is also a multi point water heater. .

3 reasons to use Always Plumbing

Local Company Serving Local People

Always Plumbing is a local company based in London Colney, St Albans in Hertfordshire with over 30 years experience in the trade, from small jobs to the more complex domestic jobs.

Based in St Albans

The company is based in London Colney St Albans and covers all of Herts, Beds and Bucks as well as London. We have a highly trained team of plumbers and central heating engineers that will make sure your plumbing, boiler or service required is maintained to the highest standard.

All Safe (formerly CORGI) gas engineers

Always Plumbing is your one-call service for all your plumbing and heating needs in your local area, With highly trained plumbers and All Safe (formerly CORGI) gas engineers we will respond quickly to any emergency.

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