The definition of a valve in engineering is a device that controls the movement of liquids or gases through pipes or other passages by opening or closing ports and channels. Once again a simple concept but when designing a central heating system for your home you need an expert to design the system, . That is where Always Plumbing can help. Contact us today for a free quote.

The cheapest type of valve is a hand valve which when opened lets the CH radiators become warm. The more expensive type of valve is a motorized valves which are available in 2 types.The first is a 2-port, known as 'zone valves' (a simple open/closed piece of pipe), and 3-port (a fully controlled T-junction). This then splits down into 2 types of 3-port valve, mid-position and diverter. With a mid-position valve the middle port is connected to flow from the boiler and the water is directed to various ports.. These are also called 'Y-plan' and 'W-plan'

Valves generally come in two parts: A removable motorized head and a plumbing part . Valves generally have a lever that can be latched in a position to allow water to flow. The reason for this is for filling or draining the system, and can be used to permit heat to circulate if the motor fails. The latched lever will automatically unlatch once the motor operates.


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